Rextag Energy DataLink™

Comprehensive Energy Intelligence

Energy DataLink provides the largest and most complete database on energy infrastructure assets in North America. The Energy DataLink database contains asset ownership, production records, processing capacities, physical locations, planned projects, acquisition records and much more.

$395 /yr

Solving Key Industry Pain Points

Energy DataLink provides easy online access to Rextag's extensive GIS databases of energy assets. Simply select the type of data you wash to see to view the requested information.

Energy DataLink Includes:

  • Well production & completion data
  • Midstream and downstream data
  • An extensive energy library (3.5 million documents)
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools
  • Fast and dynamic visual mapping

Energy DataLink™

Energy DataLink is an innovative solution that provides aggregated, organized, structural and non-structural information needed by professionals across all sectors of the energy supply chain. By interconnecting data sources and providing multi-level data filters, Energy DataLink provides industry leading energy data via a simple, online interface.

Who can benefit? Professionals servicing the energy industry in numerous capacities, including

  • upstream exploration and production (E&P)
  • mid-stream pipelines and facilities
  • downstream refiners and power generators
  • electric and renewables
  • banking and finance
  • governments, non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • engineering and oil field services
  • and more.


Serving Industry Leading Companies


Energy DataLink Editions and Pricing

Energy DataLink is the industry source for energy data for professionals across all sectors of the energy supply chain.


Basic Edition


Energy DataLink gathers, aggregates, organizes structural and non-structural information and datasets needed by professionals across all sectors of the energy supply chain. With the free subscription users receive:

  • Free well production & completion data
  • Free basic midstream and downstream data
  • Access to extensive energy library (over 3.5 million documents)
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools
  • Fast and dynamic query mapping interface
The Basic Edition of the Energy DataLink service, valued at $1800, is available to subscribers at no charge.
Professional Edition

$395 /yr

The Professional Edition of Energy DataLink allows you to capture and retain all the valuable information you have discovered in the database. Build your own detailed libraries of custom maps and energy data. Includes these additional features over the Basic Edition.

  • Unlimited well production and completion data
  • Unlimited search, filtering, downloads
  • Create, save, retrieve custom map views
  • Integrated visualization of interconnected energy data
  • Full access and downloads for Upstream well production
  • Full access and downloads for completion data
  • Unlimited energy library document search (over 3.5 million documents)
  • Unlimited bookmarks and downloads
Premium (Custom)


For advanced professionals who require in-depth energy information, the Premium Edition provides additional datasets with detailed energy infrastructure information. The Premium Edition consists of a customized collection of advanced layers.

  • Liquid commodities datasets
  • Crude oil dataset
  • Refined products dataset (e.g. gasoline, jet fuel)
  • Other liquids dataset (e.g. NGLs, LPGs, HVLs)
  • Miscellaneous gasses pipelines dataset
  • Liquid commodities datasets
  • Oil & Gas Wells dataset
  • Electrical production & distribution dataset

Energy DataLink Editions Access Comparison

Unlimited Limited No Access Energy DataLink Energy DataLink Premium
Basic Profesional Premium

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View Completion Reports

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